Dear Colleagues,

We will gather once again to enjoy the EULAR Annual Scientific Congress in Frankfurt, Germany, from 3-6 June, 2020.

Our annual Congress comprises the major event in the calendar of world rheumatology. In 2020, we will bring together physicians, scientists, patients of all ages and their families, health professionals and professionals representing the pharmaceutical industry, from across Europe and around the world. As such, we will provide a feast of networking opportunities and knowledge exchange! We will proudly disseminate the latest progress in our exciting and increasingly diverse array of EULAR activities, all focussed on improving the well-being of people with, or affected by, rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases. We will disseminate and celebrate the extraordinary research advances in our field – witnessing rheumatology at the forefront in these remarkable decades of medical progress.

As in previous years, we will think about new treatments and strategies, as well as the impact, burden and cost of rheumatic musculoskeletal diseases for the individual and society. EULAR Congress 2020 will address a wide range of topics including innovation in population, health service, clinical, translational and basic science. Sessions dedicated to People with Arthritis and Rheumatism in Europe (PARE), Health Professionals in Rheumatology (HPR) will feature prominently. High quality health care industry sessions providing in-depth and focussed insights will again be offered. Our poster presentations and poster tours will offer a highly interactive exchange of knowledge and solutions amongst participants. Our programme will increasingly reflect the participation of the EULAR EMEUNET organisation of young rheumatologists that continues to attract colleagues to the meeting and indeed to our discipline.

Frankfurt is a new and exciting destination for EULAR which combines the best of modern European life, with a proud heritage in history and culture. Truly a wonderful venue for us to visit and in which to renew old friendships and to make new ones! We thoroughly look forward to welcoming you to our congress in 2020.

Iain B. McInnes
EULAR President