EULAR 2022 | Welcome message from the EULAR President


Dear Friends,

Since its foundation in 1947, the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology, EULAR, has been recognised in the wide-ranging spectrum of World Rheumatology as a prestigious and reputable non-profit organisation with the highest profile on the continent. Among the multitude of outstanding EULAR activities, the EULAR European Congress of Rheumatology represents the flagship of our organisation, every year providing the utmost rheumatology congress experience.

The EULAR Congress is comprised of an extensive network of innovative minds working towards illustrating the latest scientific breakthroughs in clinical, translational, and basic sciences, discussing what is new in dedicated sessions, presenting data on how to treat rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs), giving view to the transfer of results from bench to bedside, showing the practical aspects of our specialty in specific workshop discussions, offering debates, and, in essence, displaying the future of Rheumatology.

The EULAR Congress attracts thousands of delegates from more than 140 countries and is held every year, in June, in a different European city. However, due to the pandemic restrictions, EULAR was forced to cancel any live meetings and conferences. Therefore, for 2 years in a row, in 2020 and 2021 the EULAR congress was held virtually. The virtual meetings were a great success and attracted more than 18,000 delegates in 2020 and more than 17,000 in 2021.

The EULAR 2022 Congress will be held both virtually and onsite, in Copenhagen, offering our first-ever hybrid congress experience. Thanks to the great flexibility of the EULAR Rheumatology Community and its high capacity to rapidly adapt to the ever-evolving challenges faced in the pandemic era, EULAR will prevail with this new and highly innovative congress structure, offering a combination of virtual and onsite sessions and activities that will run in parallel meetings.

2022 will be an extraordinary year for EULAR, marking not only our first-ever hybrid congress but also our 75th anniversary! The EULAR 2022 Congress will offer a cutting-edge congress experience that will only be enhanced by the outstanding celebrations of the EULAR jubilee of the three EULAR pillars and the EULAR communities.

Copenhagen is an exceptionally significant city for EULAR, marking the location of our first-ever EULAR Congress, and we look forward to going back to a city that acknowledges our organisation and supports its strategies, aiming to reduce the impact of RMDs on those afflicted and to improve their social position and quality of life.

I am extremely proud of EULAR’s achievements thus far, and I would like to thank all members of the EULAR Family, the EULAR Office, and the faculty of the EULAR 2022 Congress for their commitment to this new experience. And my special thanks to the numerous delegates who will attend our marvellous congress in 2022.

I am looking forward to meeting you all, virtually and onsite, in Copenhagen, next June.

My warmest regards,


Annamaria Iagnocco
EULAR President