Make sure not to miss these highlighted sessions at EULAR 2024

The Scientific Programme has been confirmed and is now available online.

  • Basic and Translational Science session “Inflammaging and Cellular Senescence in Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases” (Session details)
  • WIN - What is New session "CAR T-cells to treat RMDs" (Session details)
  • Challenges in Clinical Practice session “Difficult to Manage axSpA and PsA” (Session details)
  • Clinical Science session “Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia: Innocent bystander or menacing foe?” (Session details)

  • Challenges in Clinical Practice session “Macrophages in Rheumatoid Arthritis: again and again” (Session details)
  • Joint session “ARD and A&R” (Session details)*
  • HOT - How to Treat session  "Patient Tailored Pain Management in RMDs" (Session details)
  • Clinical Science session “RA Prevention: what have we learnt, and where do we go next?” (Session details)
  • Clinical Science session “Fatigue, Pain and Opioids” (Session details)
  • From Bench to Bedside session “Sjögren's Syndrome” (Session details)

  • Meet the EULAR Expert session “Raynaud and GI Manifestations in Scleroderma” (Session details)
  • Basic and Translational session “Metabolic Reprogramming in Autoimmunity” (Session details)
  • Innovation session “Planetary Health” (Session details)
  • EULAR Projects "Discovery in Joint and Skin Disease: a for(e)um on Psoriatic Arthritis" (Session details)
  • HOT - How to Treat session “Cardiovascular Comorbidity” (Session details)