EULAR 2024 | Licence to European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology for Publication of Meeting Abstracts

To be agreed to by corresponding author or guarantor on behalf of all authors and the copyright owner ("Corresponding Author")

EULAR requires Corresponding Author of Abstracts submitted for publication to grant to EULAR an exclusive licence. BMJ Publishing Group Limited (“BMJ”) will publish the Abstract on EULAR’s behalf.

If the Abstract is not published by BMJ within 12 months of the BMJ’s acceptance of the Abstract (or as otherwise agreed), this licence agreement shall automatically terminate and all rights shall revert to the copyright owner(s).

  1. In consideration of BMJ on behalf of EULAR agreeing to publish the Abstract, the Corresponding Author grants an exclusive licence to EULAR for publication in its journal, books, as a stand-alone reprint or any other publication or means, throughout the world, in any media known now or created in the future and create derivative works and to exploit all subsidiary rights, and sublicence such rights. If copyright is held by any authors’ employers, the employer’s express written authority to grant this exclusive licence must have already been obtained. No fee shall be paid by EULAR for the licence granted herein.
  2. The Corresponding Author warrants that the authors are the sole author(s) of the Abstract which is an original work and has not been previously published in whole or in a substantial part elsewhere. The Corresponding Author(s) warrants on behalf of all author(s) that they or their employers are the copyright owners of the Abstract and are expressly authorised by all necessary parties to grant this licence.
  3. The Corresponding Author, on behalf of all author(s), confirms to the best of their knowledge that the Abstract does not contain anything libellous, illegal or that infringes anyone’s copyright or other rights.
  4. The  Corresponding Author, on behalf of all author(s), acknowledges and accepts that BMJ may make additional changes to the Abstracts as considered necessary in accordance with standard editorial processes. Every effort will be made to consult with the Corresponding Author if substantial alterations are made and the author(s) name(s) will remain on the Abstract.
  5. Ownership of copyright remains with the author(s) (or, if copyright is vested in the author(s)’s employer, the author (s)’s employer) and the author(s) shall have the following rights for non-commercial use of the Abstract (subject to the proviso that when reproducing the contribution or extracts from it, the authors acknowledge first publication in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases and provide a full reference or web link as appropriate):
    1. The right to reproduce a reasonable number of copies of the Abstract, by photocopying or downloading it from BMJ's website, for personal, professional, non-commercial use (commercial use includes selling or renting for a fee the right to access the Abstract), and including for authors own teaching purposes.
    2. The right to post the accepted Abstract (but not the final published version) of the article, on the author(s) own and/or his/her institution’s website 6 months after the first publication date by BMJ subject to the necessary acknowledgement and link to the following website (see below**).

**This Abstract has been accepted for publication by the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology following editing.

The definitive copyedited, typeset version is available online at : www.ard.bmj.com

    1. The right to publish with the necessary acknowledgement all or part of the Abstract from the published Abstract in a book solely written or edited as editor in chief by the author(s). This does not apply to multiple Abstracts in the same book, for which permission must be sought.
    2. The right to include Abstracts in a compilation for classroom use (course packs) to be distributed free of charge to students at the author(s) institution or to be stored in digital format in secure data rooms for access by students as part of their course work and for in house training programmes of the author(s)’s employer. This does not apply if any charge is made for the compilation (other than photocopying costs) or the training programme.

6. The Corresponding Author, on behalf of all author(s), authorises EULAR and/or BMJ to take such steps as it considers necessary without further recourse to the author(s) at its own expense in the author(s’) name and on their behalf if it believes that a third party is infringing or is likely to infringe copyright or the rights granted to EULAR herein in the contribution.

7. The  Corresponding Author, on behalf of all author(s), hereby consents to the inclusion of electronic links from the Abstract to third party material wherever it may be located.

8. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Swiss law without regard to the principles of conflicts of law. The parties hereto submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the seat of EULAR.