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General submissions

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The regular abstract submission is free of charge.

The presenting author would need to register to the EULAR 2022 Congress and pay the applicable registration fees if the abstract is accepted for presentation.

Notifications will be sent out Mid April at the latest.

It is not possible to select “oral only”, the Scientific Committee will judge the abstracts according to the scientific or clinical value, relevance to EULAR, suitability of methods to aims, conclusions confirmed by objective results, objectivity of statements, description of methods used, ethics, originality of work, standard of English, and overall impression.

Abstract notifications for the regular abstract submission deadline on 1 February are expected to be sent in mid-April 2022 by to the submitter.

Selected abstracts/posters will be published at the EULAR 2022 Congress event. Online publication is approx. 2 weeks prior to the Congress.

For more details visit

Yes, all abstracts can be amended until the deadline. However, you need to ensure to re-submit it.

Yes, we will send a reminder to submit your abstracts in DRAFT.

Yes, you are required to register to the Congress to present your abstract. Therefore, you will have access to questions submitted by the audience.

EULAR does not issue any additional certificates for accepted abstract for presentation or publication. Please use the official abstract publication, final programme and acceptance letter as a proof sent via email.


Content and formatting

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No, there is no limit of authors or abstracts.

No, only an author of an abstract can be a presenter.

These sections are automatically appear in the abstract as you will see on the preview page.

Images and figures need to be included in the template you upload.

The inclusion of trade names/brand names is not allowed in the abstract, including statistical programmes or other, unless this is peculiar and adds value to their work. The mentioning of agents/molecules must follow the scientific standard for publications.

55 lines is the recommendation, this will keep the abstract concise and it will not contribute to the character count.

No, multiple-panel figures are not accepted. Only one graph or one image is allowed. Tables turned into image are not allowed either.

Yes, it is allowed to submit several abstracts taken from same study.

Yes, Case reports are permissible.


Presentation, Copyrights, Licensing

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Abstract presentation guidelines for the EULAR 2022 Congress Scientific Programme are available at

Process : the pre-recorded presentation is going to be streamed during the reserved timeslot. The presentation will run automatically, without the presenting author's intervention.

After the 7 minutes presentation, the author needs to be online ready to answer question from the audience. Is this going to be a live video Q&A session? Yes, the Q&A part will be live, the presenting author needs to be ready during the pre-session preparation phase so that our tech host assures and knows that you are technically ready to intervene live after the 7 minutes presentation.

It is also stated that questions may be posted by viewers after the session, and the author may want to monitor them and answer. How much time after the session should the author expect questions? Right after the presentation, especially from the participants who viewed the live session, the comment box is available for them to post.

Regarding the pre-session preparation phase. What does that involve, since the PowerPoint runs automatically?

We check that all presenting authors are technically ready for their live Q&A part, that the connection, microphone and camera are working, that their presentation is correct. If you are not here during that phase, the tech host will not be able to play the PPT presentation as this is a sign that the presenter is not here to participate in the live Q&A part.

If you have another presentation during the pre-session preparation phase, please note that it is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible that you will be late so that the tech host is informed and can still prepare your presentation to be played.

The authors retain copyright to their work from the abstract submitted.

Please see here for full details of the exclusive licence to publish. Authors may re-use material presented in the abstract in further publications, provided that the source of original publication is included [DOI].

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